2008.08.01 STOCK UPDATE
Where you can find LGG if you missed the pre-orders

All the pre-orders were shipped as of March 24, 2008, which was approximately 2 weeks ago. We've been hearing people in Canada receiving them this week, so please be patient if you're outside of the US.

if you don't receive your order by the end of April, please email us and we will double check if we have either not received your payment by the payment deadline, or if it was indeed lost in delivery.

There won't be any more orders available from this site anymore, but the individual artists will be handling the remaining books either at conventions and/or online sales.

Here's a list of CONVENTIONS where you can find our artists selling them (and maybe ask for an autograph?):
  • deadums will be attending Tora-con in Rochester, New York (April 26, 2008) - SOLD OUT
  • kjsturgeon, bonhwa, and [K] will be attending Anime North in Toronto, Canada (May 23-25, 2008) - SOLD OUT
  • Dee will be attending Fanime in San Jose, California (May 23-26, 2008) - SOLD OUT
  • Cara will be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina (June 20-22, 2008)
  • c.lijewski and kjsturgeon will be attending Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland (August 8-10, 2008) - OUT OF STOCK
  • Cara, fetalstar (and possibly c.lijewski) will be attending AWA in Atlanta, Georgia (September 19-21, 2008) - SOME AVAILABLE
  • pandabaka will be attending some cons in Thailand so those Thailand or Asia orders can contact here for more details

  • And here's a list of artists who will offer online sales:
  • c.lijewski - SOLD OUT
  • [K] - SOLD OUT
  • Dee - SOLD OUT
  • pandabaka - Check blog here for more information
  • Maddy - SOLD OUT
  • fawn - SOLD OUT
  • It was vastly more successful than we could have imagined and we thank all of you for your support, patience, and understanding!

    We hope you enjoy the artbook~

    download the flyer (pdf) | questions? contact us at: